How Not To Be Fooled Into Buying Fake Leather?

We give below 6 simple solutions to test the genuineness of leather and to make sure that you are never taken for a ride again.

A.   Threads Tell The Tale:

Look inside the lining / inners of the product. If small fibers or threads come out, it’s not genuine leather. Such threads are found in artificial leather only.

Threads can be seen inside a synthetic leather bag

B.  Look Closely and Thou Shalt Find It:

If you look closely, you will see the grains on the surface of leather. Now, in genuine leather, the grains or pores are NOT spaced uniformly, as they are natural. In the case of fake leather, the grains will always be in a regular or uniform pattern, perfectly spaced out. Imperfection is the symbol of genuineness.

C.  Through Thick Or Thin:

Synthetic leather is thinner than the genuine one. Sometimes, counterfeiters bind 2-3 layers to give the product a thick finish. See if that is the case.

D.   Dig Deep To Uncover The Truth:

If you dig into the surface of a genuine leather product, the mark left will slowly fade away. On the other hand, if you do the same exercise on the surface of a synthetic leather product, the imprint will vanish very quickly.

E. As Earth Absorbs Rain:

Put a finger in your mouth and apply it on the inner side of the leather product. Genuine leather will absorb moisture (your saliva in this case) while artificial leather will not.

F. Trial By Fire:

If possible, cut a small piece of the product you want to test (we cut using a small piece of scissors from the inside so that the product does not look bad) and light it using a lighter. Fake leather will catch fire and give a similar smell as burning plastic gives. Genuine leather will give a smell similar to burning hair and will NOT burn with a flame.

By the way, do not burn your hands and keep a fire extinguisher nearby!


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What is my shoe size ?

Are you a bit surprised and intrigued after reading the title of this blog? Well, don’t be.

We at Shopatplaces have been getting umpteen numbers of requests to keep Jaipuri Mojris and Kolhapuri Chappals. From the looks of it, the task looked pretty simple! How much trouble can it be to buy Mojris, Chappals and Shoes? The answer is “A lot”, especially when you are faced with one trivial but highly complicated question – ‘What is my shoe size?’ With this add more variables of brand, open shoe or closed shoe, different perception of shoe sizes and we had one amazing problem on our hands to solve.

We had to burn the midnight oil on this one but finally we found a correct answer or should we say, found multiple correct answers. All in all, we found enough interesting facts to note down a thesis on this topic with the interesting headline:

How is manufacturing in China changing the perception of shoe size among Indian customers?’

We will take cognizance of the length of this blog and will try to put our findings as succinctly as possible. So, here we go.

World shoe market is dominated by three big geographical regions/countries. No prizes for guessing that they are United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU). Now, for reasons unknown, all 3 markets follow different standard sizes for shoes!  (For those who have started thinking how this is changing the perception of shoe size of us, Indians, hold on, we are getting there!).

India, with its colonial past had followed UK standard size for long, until recently. With the boom in manufacturing in China and the insatiable demand of US, China started making shoes, lots of shoes for US. Of course, these shoes found their way to India and slowly, our perception of our shoe sizes started changing from standard UK size to standard US size.

So, if you are still reading, and if we ask your shoe size right now, you are most likely to mention a US standard size. If you are wondering, what would have been your UK standard size, just glance at the table below. As you will observe, with the boom in manufacturing in China, our perception of shoe size increased by 2 points!

Shopatplaces Size

India/UK Size

US Size

EU Size
































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Lucknow’s Chikankari, Nawabs and Kebabs

Lucknow, located at 27.95°N 80.77°E, is the capital city of modern day Uttar Pradesh. Known as the “The Constantinople of the East” earlier, the city effuses the culture of “Pehley Aap” (After You) the moment you step in it, a true City of Nawabs. With its glorious history and amazing arts, it tempts you to explore its jewels from the very first moment you hear about them We went there, to explore two its best finds – Chikankari and Kebabs.


Inspired from Persian culture, Chikankari or Chikan literally means embroidery. It rose to prominence in the Mughal period under the patronage of Noor Jehan, emperor Jehangir’s queen. Since then it has find many takers, from Madonna wearing it in the poster of ‘The Next Best Thing’ to Aishwarya in several public events and now, Naomi Campbell in her recent visit to India and Kareena in the flick ‘Bodyguard’. Fashion changes every three months but Chikankari never ever goes out of style.

Madonna in Lucknow Chikan KurtiAishwarya in Lucknow Chikan Suit

Kareena in Lucknow Chikan Kurti in Bodyguard

The process used in making the ‘Take my breath away’ designs – can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Deciding the pattern design
  • Block printing the design on the fabric
  • Stitching the pattern
  • Washing the pattern so that no traces remain
  • And the classy Chikankari apparel is for all yours to wear!

The quality of the product depends on the type of stitching and the thickness of the threads used. As a thumb rule, the thinner the thread used for stitching, the better is the quality of the product.

Though the above steps do give an illusion of the whole process being easy, the reality is far from it. One Lucknow Chikan Kurti can take upto 6 months to complete and no two pieces are 100% identical. Add to this wastage of 20-25% during this entire process and you have a very complex process to handle.

But as they say, an elegant design Chikan Kurti is worth it!

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Lucknow Chikan Kurti Lucknow Chikan Kurti


Lucknow is famous for its kebabs, and the heaven for kebab lovers is ’Tunde Ke Kebab’ in old Lucknow.

Originally located in the Chowk, this century old Kebab shop  has been a pilgrimage for food lovers across India. As legends have it, Haji Murad Ali created kebabs so soft and succulent, that you could bite them off with your lips – all for an aging Nawab who had lost his teeth and was unable to chew kebabs. A century has passed but the kebabs remain the same, with the recipe being passed on from one generation to another. A must visit for every foodie!

What more can you ask from a city that provides you chances for shopping authentic goodies and a dining experience to remember.

PS: The author would like to thank Reyhan Masih for being such a wonderful host.

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