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An introduction to Botanic Love - By Sukhdeep Sharma

Botanic Love is my passionate Indian natural skincare company that helps you discover skin care products that are based on the principles of Ayurveda: free from synthetic parabens, harmful chemicals and unwanted derivatives.  

Botanic Love - An Introduction 

Through my 12 year in-depth research into natural and working with the best wellness brands, combined with over a decade of knowledge and experience in aromatherapy and hands-on expertise in aesthetics, I embarked on a journey to creating an innovative skin care range which would act as a bridge between nature and the world of beauty.Skin Care From Botanic Love

My aim was to create a pure, gentle and effective range of skin compatible products, using pure plant oils and natural aromas leaving out unnecessary fillers, chemical and additives. With this vision I have extended my passion and interest into Botanic Love…

Botanic Love

My desire and interest launched me into creating mini jars of creams, candles, bath salts and body washes - which I offered as gifts to family and friends. This proved a great success, with remarkable improvements in skin appearance. Texture, tone and elasticity improved and problem spots diminished. The demand for freebies was becoming more frequent and it was a good sign. More significantly, my two kids suffered from sensitive skin & scalp conditions began experiencing significant improvements in their hair and skin texture after using the products. This led me to work even harder to create this range.

Free from harmful chemicals

The simplicity of Botanic Love Skincare products is that they are 100% handmade and formulated using a customized range of effective natural ingredients. These are easy to use and suitable for all skin types, and result in a healthier skin.

Made from Natural Ingredients 

As a company, we have developed tremendous confidence and assurance in creating our natural skincare line. We launched in 2014 in Delhi, the capital of India and rapidly gained popularity of an environmentally conscious brand aimed at delivering high-end beauty services & products devoid of toxic harmful chemicals. We offer over 50 carefully crafted products using ingredients that are the best that nature has to offer. Botanic Love is a proud Indian brand dedicated to offering the ultimate in natural personal care. The range includes body cleansers, body polishers, facial cleansers, exfoliators, body moisturizers, anti-cellulite kits, professional skincare kits, hair care, shea butter lotion bars, shampoo bars, eye serums, anti-aging line etc. We are proud to say our range is both affordable and suitable for all skin types and ages. 

Have a look at our select products:

Papaya Skin Glow Gel by Botanic Love

For those who don't miss a chance to look gorgeous everyday - BL's Papaya Skin Glow Gel is just what you need. Contains papaya chunks and extracts that help repair damaged skin making it smooth & supple. Also contains aloe-vera that helps remove pits on skin. Suitable for all skin types.

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Absolute Rose Body Wash by Botanic Love

Pamper yourself today with Botanic Love's Absolute Rose Shower Gel. Contains rose essentials & rose water that cleanses the skin, leaving it soft & supple and deliciously perfumed.

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Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum by Botanic Love

For those who got SWAG! BL's Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum has a dual function of anti-ageing and moisturizing the skin. Contains multi-bioactive extracts & gold flakes that reduce black spots, wrinkles, fine lines & boosts a radiant glow. Also contains essential rosehip, jojoba, almond, apricot, rose and sandalwood oils with a dash of Vitamin E. 

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