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Hey this is Tannaaz Irani, I am pretty sure that all of you might be aware or even great fans of  another personality with the same last name, but let me assure you ‘We are not related’. But that doesn't mean I am a nobody. I am what one would call a modern day writer, a blog writer (http://www.tanus-corner.com/) but that didn't stop me from writing a book and getting it published. Apart from my blogs I have found other quicker ways to connect and yes, you are right it is through a FB page called ‘tanu’s corner’.
Interestingly my husband started off his career as an investment banker and then turned into a professional photographer. Yes, my dear friends I know how stupid it was to leave such a high paying job and turn to an uncertain one, but it is not easy to ignore one’s passion for long.
 Even I did my stint as an editor. Being a writer has always been very fulfilling as books are my best buddies and have always been that way. Even today  in the nights I do not prefer socializing, don’t like to watch TV shows but would rather curl up with my favourite magazine ‘Grazia’ or a good literature book

I am sure many of you would be thinking what a couch potato I must be or an indoors type of a person. Well let me clarify I do go on a road trip all by own in my little car twice a year sometimes to a hill station or sometimes chart out a little plan and just drive away far from the hum-drums of my daily life. But yeah I maybe a little of a couch-potato I hardly go out to do shopping. I finish most of my shopping online mostly because the weather doesn't permit me to go out.  The amazing thing of the e-commerce boom has made it possible to get anything and everything with just a click. It has made me an instant buyer as well sometimes just lured by the huge collections these sites offer. Ironically I am a great fan of traditional Indian saree.
So, how do you think a typical day for a married woman with two wonderful kids a boy and a girl aged 14 and 18 would be like? Are you curious to know how I manage to juggle my family, work and leisure time so perfectly and never complain? Well my day begins at 9.00 am, I am not an early riser, in fact have never been one. After a short breakfast, I sit down to check my mails and answer all queries. I have a maid who helps me with all my household chores. I start working from quarter to ten and usually wind up my work in the evening.  I usually like to curl up with a book after dinners but sometimes do go out on a late evening walk after dinner in case of heavy meals. In the weekends I love to just relax at home and do whatever I want to like go to a salon or a coffee shop. Cafe Coffee Day has always been my favorite hangout spot and nothing will beat it.       

I am typically an old fashioned woman, which is ironic considering I maintain a blog and a FB page, but yeah that is who I am. No TVs or FM’s or fancy high end mobiles. I own a S3 and don’t plan to keep upgrading when newer versions are released. I love my books, my choice of a career and a wonderful family who support my work.
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