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I am Dr. Nitu sharma.I am basically from lucknow.I work as a associate professor in the management institutes. I have a 8 years old son .I also worked in the bank. From my childhood only , I was all time teacher favorite and kind of famous for my academics achievements in the past. I used to spend my summer vacation at IIT Kanpur as the temperature was a bit low as compared to the city. Coming to my daily progress, I woke up early in the morning and start my day with the sizzling hot coffee in my one hand and newspaper in the other. I usually don't go for a morning walk as you can see from my pic,I don't need  to. Then I get myself and the breakfast ready. After sending my son to school ,I go for work from 10.00-5.00.In the evening my maid prepare food for us and we three have a good time during dinner. Basically I am a spiritual person , like to watch sansakar channel and haridarshan. I do believe that at the time of trouble God is always there for you . I also watch my horoscope daily and consider it in taking some of my big decision.

I also watch news channel like aajtak, ndtv and reality shows like DID and Indian idols. I love reading; in fact I can read anything. I like novels of Premchand and Chetan Bhagat and magazines like Femina and Cosmo. I also loves singing and travelling. shhI do visit mountains and beaches at least twice a year. I plan by myself and love to give surprises to my husband.I am little bit unlucky in case of free day, as I get only one day in a week as a holiday but my husband gets two. So we don’t have much time to do on a weekend so we usually go for the movies. I like Ritesh , kangana, deepika and the Evergreen Amitabh sirji. I am a big time fan of his movies.

I also liked Piku and Tanu weds Manu.I like Shopatplaces a lot as it provides different varieties of accessories which have the cultural touch from different states in India and obviously at the cheapest price. I am an instant buyer and I don’t think much before buying. If I like something at first glance then I buy it for sure. So shopatplaces is the best platform for me to buy during the festivals and special occasion as come on you are an Indian women , if you don’t show its culture and heritage then who will let the world know     "What is real India is "


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