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Myself, Madhuri Puranaik  is a faculty of commerce in government college. I belong to a vegetarian joint family .My husband works in a Mnc. I have a 13ys old son who is very intelligent and started his IIT preparations with the well set goal in mind to become a software engineer. I also have a very caring brother in law who gifted me a phone when I completed my PhD. I am an early riser, who wakes up at +5:30 and then proceeds with my household work. My college starts from 7.30 to 12.30. I am good at bargaining so after daily after my college I go to shop daily household products from local vendors or best price. Then I come home and have lunch with my son. We have a maid who do all the household works so generally I don’t left with much to do .Then my son go to his coaching at 3.30. Our family spend a quality time together after the dinner and then we all go to sleep. I have a busy morning schedule, so I don’t get time for a morning walk. In my free period, generally 8.00-.9.30 I prefer to walk in my college garden. I am a “Gazal” lover, likes gulaam ali, hamid hussain the most. I don’t like TV serials rather I prefer comedy and thoughtful movies of irfan khan and kajol.I usually hangout at CCD and Mcd and often go for 20 days holiday at goa, Mauritius with my complete family plan during the off season. I am a good planner and I plan my holidays via train or air.

I don’t have many things to do in my weekends as I look after the finances of samvedana NGO which provides medical facilities to the needy. I usually check my facebook once in a couple of day but am a whatsapp geek as within a second you can send message to anybody. I usually check my mails from 10.30-12.30 in the morning and after 6 .00 in the evening. I love reading books like Wings of fire .I am a intelligent buyer plus a style icon in my college as I am particular with the planning of my shopping.

The first impression of shopatplaces was excellent and I am very impressed with the whatsapp facility. I think that shopatplaces should add some jewelleries or “assam ki sarees” in their product list and. increase their area of Cash on delivery .Loyalty point should also be given to regular customer with more sales offer.Rest all is awesome.



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