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I am a happily married working women. My husband is an lieutenant commander in the Indian Army.I have a 10 years old son who is an award winner of “Bharat Shiksha Ratan”. I generally wake up early in the morning , get ready and then go to the college . I am a very active member of the society. I keep on upgrading myself by attending national and international seminars. I am also very fond of India’s culture and heritage and keeps on participating in events related to this on a regular basis. I generally remains occupied in my daily progress but whenever I get time I love to cook for my family. I am a good housewife. I am a very sensitive and friendly person.

I do like mall but do not prefer to buy from there as i believe in developing  the relationship between the buyer and seller.I want the vendor should recognize me when i come back to his shop thus developing a friendly relation.  I love to socialize ,in fact i have my account on fb,twitter,linkledin and whatsapp.I do not socialize just to get in touch with my friends or to make new friends rather I do it to raise my opinion on the prevailing social issues. I also study two hours in the morning and evening just to feed myself with a lot of knowledge. I am a spiritual person, I do have faith in  my “Guruji”. I love reading women era and spending my weekend with my family at Mcd.I also likes singing, dancing and my favorite festival is holi as I likes colors a lot.

Basically, I am an instant buyer ,if I like something ,I would definitely buy it. I am a moody person so it depend on my mood that whether I should go for online of offline or both.


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