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I am 39 years old, and still single. Living with my parents, I am a lawyer by occupation. I also run my own Yoga consultant and Physiotherapy center.  I, along with my father run the administration from the panel of the bank. I wake up early in the morning and go for my yoga class. Then I go to the court. I have been working in the court for six years fighting for the justice for a rape victim.I come back home in the evening. I again have my yoga and meditation classes. I also enjoy playing sports and swimming. I am a pet lover. I have leisure time only on Sundays. So, on a Sunday, I log unto the social networking sites such as Facebook and Whatsapp. I also watch television; especially reality shows among them I like ‘Indian Idol’ the most. On weekends, I also go for romantic and comedy movies of Sanjay Dutt .

During the festival I go to nearby malls for shopping. I also use online stores for my shopping. I consider both online and offline shopping, but according to me there are some limitations of online shopping as sometimes the products seem more fascinating than they actually are. So, I prefer online shopping for a few products only. I believes that the customers should be allowed to try the products and then pay .

I am like any other lady in my choices. I like cotton kurti matching with palazzos. Stripped Kurti and leggings are also my favorite wear.  I also like to put on some light accessories. I like the ‘Buy one Get one free’ offers and always make use of them. I like to go to local restaurants, CCD etc. I go for holidays twice a year. Goa, Kerala and Ooty are my favorite places to visit.I am a completely independent woman, who has a good balance of fulfillment of personal and social responsibilities and enjoyment in my life. I have my own interests, beliefs and ideology and I enjoy a respectable and independent life following them.


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