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I am happily married woman with two daughters ,one is a journalist and other is a college student. I used to work earlier but now I am a home maker. Generally , I wake up at 7.30 and continue my day with some yoga. Being a spiritual person I have a strong faith in god. We have a cook and a maid at home so I don’t have to do much work at home. I spent my time reading magazine and newspaper.I am very sensitive person, I usually avoid news channels as I easily get tensed with the bad news .I am a music lover .I usually listen fm gold and songs of rafique,kishor kumar,lata ji and arijit singh. I am a whatsapp geek but I also use fb in the afternoon and in the evening for Half an hour. I spend my evening with my husband with a cup of tea and then we go for a walk. I like bangali programs and singing reality shows like sa re ga ma pa.

At night I spend some time with my family as we got only one day as a holiday and that to wasted in pending household works. I don't praise movies much but sometime I like comedy and thoughtful movies of Aamir khan. I like Durga Pooja the most and love to shop in this auspicious occasion. I am not an instant buyer , I used to plan my shopping  , search for discount offers ,compare the prices and then buy the products.Being a non veggie ,I like kfc the most. We usually travel  to beaches and mountains ,once a year by train or air which was plan by me.I like painting, singing and dancing.

My first impression of Shopatplaces is good and I would suggest them to add some more jewelries and men’s item.I also  liked the authenticity of our product and wanna wish all the best for the future.


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