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Launched in 2012, our aim at Shopatplaces.com is to delight you, by delivering a vast range of best quality products, handpicked from the places famous for them. Of course, at your doorstep and for the right price.

No more you have to wait for your trip to Lucknow to adorn yourself in classy Chikan designs, or for your holiday to Kashmir valley to lay your hands on that exclusive Pashmina scarf you have always craved to have in your wardrobe. Products from across the places and categories, they all are available, right here, to be duly possessed by you!

Our obsession

Consumer Delight!

Yes, Our in-house Fashion & Design, Technology, Customer Relationship, Procurement, Quality Control and User Experience teams love working round the clock to offer you a delightful shopping experience. Every day, day after day!

The Brain and the Machine

Sherfur Rehman

After completing his MBA from NITIE, Mumbai, he honed his skills with erstwhile Cadburys in the Supply Chain & Procurement department. Our ‘chocolate boy’ (he really hates this nickname ;) ) has a keen eye for details and is a football and Age of Empires junkie.

Get connected: sherfur@shopatplaces.com; www.linkedin.com/in/sherfur

Zuhaib Khan

With previous experience in Investment Banking and Private Equity domains, he is an MBA graduate from FMS, Delhi. An avid movie buff, he loves to travel and savor delicacies from different places. P.S.: He thinks he is a great photographer, though we know better!

Get connected: zuhaib@shopatplaces.com; www.linkedin.com/in/zuhaibkhan

Listening post

We would absolutely love to hear from you – what you like and what you don’t, it can be anything to everything related to Shopatplaces. Your suggestions will be invaluable for us to help us in our journey of giving you a delightful shopping experience every day.

We are waiting eagerly. Reach out to us: feedback@shopatplaces.com; +91-813 093 4999.

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