Detoxiyfying Papaya Face Crème - PCBLF29OT4

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Brief: This lightly scented facial creme delivers vitamins and moisture to the deepest skin layers while providing protection against the sun's UV rays and stimulating the skin's metabolic functions to combat free radicals that prevent oxidative skin damage.Use this creme to make your skin radiant and healthy.

About Me:

Papaya crème delivers vitamins and moisture to the deepest skin layers and provides protection
against sun’s UV rays and stimulating the skin’s metabolic functions and combats free radicals to
prevent the effects of oxidative skin damage.This crème is also an excellent product for delivering
moisture,radiance and hydrating the skin.


Apply the crème on face, neck and shoulders. Massage using fingertips and
palm pressure. Use regular facial protocols: dry massage, uplifting strokes, eyebrow pinching,
outward strokes etc. Can add tomato juice with the crème.


Papaya Pulp, Beeswax, Witch Hazel, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Aloe, Aqua, Glycerine, Almond Oil,
Coconut Oil.



Expiry Date:

2 years from the date of Manufacturing ( Mfg. Date: Feb, 2015 ) 


Dispatch in 2 Business Days, Delivery in 5-6 Business Days.


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