Big Bagua Mirror In Multicolour - PCDH12JL33

Big Bagua Mirror In Multicolour - PCDH12JL33

Rs. 549

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Take Care of Me: Do not wash, use a dry cotton cloth to remove dirt. 

My Material: Metal & Glass.

Delivery: Dispatch in 3-4 Business Days, Delivery in 8-10 Business Days.

Shipping: Free Shipping in India for orders above Rs.999. Shipping charges of Rs.99 will apply for orders below this amount. Paid Shipping Outside India.A Cost will be added at the time of Checkout.

About Me: Bagua mirror, pakua mirror, Feng shui trigram mirror for protection and good luck,The Bagua mirror is considered one of the most powerful and protective cures available in Feng Shui.
This mirror is convex to disperse the forces & for general protection and is set in a powerful octagonal frame inscribed with the traditional Bagua compass symbols. The mirror draws the negative energy towards it, while the octagonal shape and I Ching pattern decorating the frame transmute any negative energy so that it is no longer harmful. Bagua mirrors are thought to have power against misfortune and assure future prosperity.A Bagua mirror is usually placed on a door or facing a direction where a source of negative energy is threatening your home.This mirror has a hook on top so that it can be easily hung where required.When placing your bagua mirror, notice that there is trigram for Heaven called Chien (three solid lines) that should be positioned at the top and the trigram for Earth (three broken lines) called Kun goes at the bottom. Bagua mirrors are designed to be hung outdoors and should never be placed inside. Baguas placed indoor can be harmful and even deadly to you. Place them at the ‘points of entry of bad chi’ into your homes such as at the external portion of windows and doors.


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