Brass Dragon Bell - PCDH30AG10

Rs. 600

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Take Care of Me: Do not wash, use a dry cotton cloth to remove dirt. 

My Material: Metal.

Delivery: Dispatch in 3-4 Business Days, Delivery in 8-10 Business Days.

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Weight: 100 Grm.

About Me: Dragon hangings are useful to use. You can hang them in your car, wardrobe, on the wall. Dragons are strong, powerful Feng Shui symbols and exude male energy. They are great for areas in your life that require strength, courage, protection, enthusiasm, and prosperity.

Location: The best location for them is in an office, a work area, or the living room.

For Love: A dragon alone is too strong for the bedroom. But if you wish to energise romance, you may consider pairing the dragon with a phoenix to balance the energy.

Wealth: They are great in the Wealth area and can be combined with water to symbolise prosperity coming into your home. In this area, the best colour for dragons is the either the colour of water (black, dark blue-green, dark blues, etc.) or the colour of money (green or gold) or the colour of vitality and energy (red).

Office: In an office, they are ideal on the wall behind you as you sit at your desk. In this way you are supported rather than challenged by the dragon, should you stare at it directly.

Kitchen: As flowing water symbolises flowing prosperity and good fortune, placing a dragon figurine or a wall hanging with a dragon image facing the kitchen faucet will enhance your good opportunities for accumulating prosperity in all forms.
Don’t Hang in the bathroom, Don’t hang in the bedroom

Dimension - 
Height - 13"


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