Dragon Tortise - PCDH17SP8

Dragon Tortise - PCDH17SP8

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About Me: New Brass Color Dragon Head Tortoise with Baby.
Dragon Tortoise is a splendid animal, having the head of a Dragon and the body of the turtle, with a baby turtle on its back it is sitting upon a large pile of coins and ingots.
The dragon is a luck animal which brings the chi of success, courage and determination. Combine it with the longevity of the tortoise and you have just the thing to keep at your office for steady and long lived success.It is a combination of the dragon and the tortoise which are two of the four most important creatures of Chinese symbolism.
It is an imaginary animal and the Chinese people use this symbol to enhance their houses and offices.The tortoise symbolizes longevity whereas the dragon symbolizes success, courage and determination.

Where to place
The East is the place traditionally associated with the dragon and so placing a dragon image in the East always represents excellent feng shui.
You can place the dragon turtle either in the North or the East sector or your home.

For Improvement in Business
Do not place the dragon turtle directly in front of your seat. Try and place it by your side i.e. parallel to where you sit. Another location to place the dragon turtle is right behind your seat but looking sideways.

Where Not to Keep
Never place the dragon inside the bedroom. It is too yang a creature to symbolize inside the bedroom which should be maintained as a restful place. The Dragon Turtle is a Chinese legendary symbol.


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