Elephant Lifting Leg - PCDH17SP26

Elephant Lifting Leg - PCDH17SP26

Rs. 600

+91 8130 943 999 (Mon-Sat 9 AM to 6 PM)

Take Care of Me: Do not wash, use a dry cotton cloth to remove dirt. 

My Material: Resin.

Delivery: Dispatch in 3-4 Business Days, Delivery in 8-10 Business Days.

Shipping: Free Shipping in India for orders above Rs.999. Shipping charges of Rs.99 will apply for orders below this amount. Paid Shipping Outside India.A Cost will be added at the time of Checkout.

Weight: 180 Grm.

About Me: The Elephant is the symbol of strength & wisdom. Revered in India as a sacred animal, the Elephant is a symbol of stability that is used in nearly every Indian home. The Hindu God Ganesha is pictured as having the head of an Elephant – a sure sign of revered greatness. Elephant over Gold Ingot is said to mean ethical and legal investments. The Elephant blowing it’s trumpet, over a bed of Lucky Coins and Golden Ingots is a significant Fengshui Enhancer implying successful attainment of prosperity and wealth. Good Fortune and are known to be the granter of good wishes WHERE TO KEEP South East.

Dimension: Height - 3.5" Width - 2.5"


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