Health Balls In Blue, Red, Green - PCDH12JL13

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Take Care of Me: Do not wash, use a dry cotton cloth to remove dirt. 

My Material: Magnet inside.

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About Me: The Iron Health Balls also known as BAODING IRON BALLS, famed as one of the “three treasures”of BAODING, CHINA, is a traditional product renowned at home and abroad.
Originally, the Iron Health Ball were simple, solid, cylindrical objects. Later, handicraftsmen began designing hollow balls and inserting Sounding plates that produce high and low tones when used. These lighter balls are easier to handle and the musical tones contribute to the relaxation process that results from exercising with them.. It is a treasure necessary for the aged to build up physical strength and remove diseases.

According to the Chinese traditional medical theory of “JINGLUO” (JINGLUO refers to the main and collateral channels, regarded as a network of passages, through which vital energy circulates and along which the acupuncture points are distributed), the ten fingers are connected with the heart, that is to say, by means of JINGLUO the ten fingers are connected with the cranial nerve and vital organs of the human body, including heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, gallbladder, stomach and intestine, etc.

On plucking the Iron Health Balls with fingers, the balls can stimulate the various acupuncture points on the hand, resulting in the unimpeded ness of circulation of vital energy and blood in the body.

It can cause the JINGLUO(Channels) unblocked and thorough, the vital energy and blood to function in harmony, the muscles nimble, the bones strong, the mind sober, can invigorate the circulation of blood, and can prevent and cure hypertension and various chronic diseases.

If you keep on taking exercise everyday for months and years, you can get the fine results of keeping your brain in good health with high intelligence and good memory, relieving your fatigue, drowning your worries, and moreover, prolonging your life.

When taking exercise, put two iron balls on your palm, and crook and stretch the five fingers in sequence to cause the balls to rotate and revolve, either clockwise or counter clockwise. In so doing, all the joints of the hand are always in motion; and with the crooking and stretching of the fingers, the forearm muscles are contracted and relaxed harmonically.
At first, you may select smaller size of Iron Health balls for exercise; and when skilled, you can choose balls larger and larger in size. Your two hands may practice in alternation, and three of four balls may be put on the palm at the same time for showing a variety of figures.

The Iron Health Ball is made of metal, which should be kept dry and clean and prevented from violent collision. Although the balls are strong and durable, owners should avoid violently knocking them against each other and against other solid objects and surfaces. If the ball is not used for a long period of time, it is advisable to coat the balls with wax or grease for maintenance and preservation.



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