Tibetan Kalachakra In Golden - PCDH12JL19

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About Me: The Kalachakra deity resides in the center of the Mandala in his palace consisting of four Mandalas, one within the other: the Mandalas of body, speech, and mind, and in the very center, wisdom and great bliss. The palace is divided into four quadrants, each with walls, gates and a center and a specific color. The colors represent the elements and mental types. Black in the east is associated with the element of air and wind. The south is red, representing the element of fire. The west is yellow and associated with the element of earth. The north is white, representing the element of water. The square palace containing the 722 deities is located on the concentric circle representing Earth. The other circles representing water, fire, wind, space and consciousness extend beyond the wall of the palace. 

Take Care of Me: Do not wash, use a dry cotton cloth to remove dirt. 

My Material: Metal.

Delivery: Dispatch in 3-4 Business Days, Delivery in 8-10 Business Days.

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