Acrylic on canvas Mauve Warli Painting - K1-WMDP18FB34

Acrylic on canvas Mauve Warli Painting - K1-WMDP18FB34

Rs. 2,399

+91 8130 943 999 (Mon-Sat 9 AM to 6 PM)

Take Care of Me:

Donot wash, use dry cotton cloth to remove dirt.

My Material:

Acrylic on canvas.

My Size:

12*12 Inches.


Dispatch in 2 Business Days, Delivery in 8 -10 Business Days.


Free Shipping in India for orders above Rs.999. Shipping charges of Rs.99 will apply for orders below this amount.

Paid Shipping Outside India. Cost will be added at the time of Checkout. Average cost is USD 20 per kg.

About Me:

Warli is the art form practised in Warli district, in the foothills of Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. The tribal people of this place are in international limelight today for this art. They smeared the walls with wet cow dung, which was then coated with red mud. They used thin bamboo twigs dipped in rice paste to draw various motifs which depicted their daily life events. A ceremonial event, the walls were repeatedly coated and then painted, thus passing down the art through generations. Shopatplaces specialization is usage of vibrant colors which gives a very trendy look to your home, office & restaurants. 

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